Civil Litigation and Appeals

Our lawyers are creative, resourceful and dedicated in their approach to resolving conflict. However, when problem-solving efforts - be they negotiation, conciliation, mediation, settlement conferences, or other methods - are unsuccessful in reaching an agreeable end, or when one party commences legal action, contested litigation is often the unavoidable result. Kane & Stone is proud to have attorneys with substantial experience in various areas of civil litigation and appeals. Our diverse backgrounds and practice areas assure our clients of the most comprehensive approach to dispute resolution; where that means contested litigation, our team has the ability to effectively handle a broad spectrum of matters with a firm resolution to succeed.

Our attorneys have broad experience in representing clients in courts across the state, as well as in administrative proceedings before agencies, boards, commissions and examiners.

We all have appellate experience, and each cultivates a true passion for the law and its development and application in the courts demanded by appellate work. Well-versed in civil appeals, our attorneys provide the detached, critical analysis, reasoning and persuasion required to prevail in the appeal of an adverse judgment.