Family Law

Every family matter is unique. Our lawyers are dedicated to expert legal counsel and representation in every type of circumstance. Whether you are facing a separation, a divorce, a child custody or access dispute, or a child support matter, or are considering resolving potential issues before they arise with a prenuptial agreement, we can help.

Divorce, Alimony, Marital Property Distribution

We can assist in all aspects of divorce, including child custody and support, alimony and property distribution. As counselors at law, we provide education, advice and guidance to help you understand your rights and responsibilities, set realistic and obtainable goals, and achieve optimal resolution as efficiently as possible. We strive to guide you with strength and compassion through this trying time.

Child Custody and Support

While Maryland utilizes the Child Support Guidelines which are intended to make support calculation straightforward, matters can often be complicated with issues of self-employment income, shared physical custody, expenses related to special needs, voluntary impoverishment, and non-payment. Cases in which the parties' combined incomes exceed the Guidelines require particular care and attention in calculation and, often, persuasion with the Court. Kane & Stone also has attorneys trained and experienced in the representation of children in contested custody cases where children need their own attorneys

Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements

Couples considering marriage rarely contemplate the legal impact of marriage, particularly on finances. Prenuptial agreements present an opportunity to discuss your shared vision of a life together and to reconcile expectations. Couples with children from prior relationships and couples who wish to maintain economic independence and autonomy are particularly well served by the prenuptial agreement process. For separating couples who have reached subtantial agreements between themselves and desire to have them formalized into a comprehensive writtten agreement, we applaud  your efforts and offer postnuptial agreement drafting and uncontested divorce representation. Uncontested divorces, particularly those with written agreements, can often proceed with much greater expediency and privacy through the process of obtaining a final divorce.

Enforcement and Post-Divorce Matters

Often the process doesn't end with the divorce or custody judgment. Administrative matters often linger on, parties fail to comply with their obligations, and disputes arise. Whether your case involves the need for drafting or seeing to the proper administration of a Qualified Domestic Relations Order ("QDRO") or similar retirement division order, the resolution of a property distribution matter, a custody or child access dispute, or an issue relating to alimony or child support, we can help.

Step-parent and Independent Party Adoptions

Often a step-parent or co-parent would like to adopt his or her spouse or partner's child by way of independent adoption. At times, exceptional family circumstances may result in a grandparent adopting a grandchild. Our attorneys can help. Natural parents who can be located will in all cases be asked to consent to the adoption. With the consent of the natural parent, an independent adoption can be a very straightforward process. Where a natural parent objects, an investigation may be necessary and the court will determine whether an adoption is best for a child. Either way, adoption cases are document-intensive and complex. Our attorneys can represent you through the process; it is one of the most positive and rewarding aspects of our practice.

Family Law Appeals

Family cases are often very complex - legally and factually - and sometimes an unfavorable result requires a second look by an appellate court. In some cases, a party simply does not accept a judge's decision, and seeks a higher authority, leaving the other party to defend an appeal. Kane & Stone has attorneys experienced in family law appeals with the critical analysis and insight required of such cases.